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About US

Uprise Real Estate Partners is the third iteration of our vision to change San Antonio and Ultimately Texas. We started out as a two-man team for a boutique brokerage. after outperforming the entire company, we were handed the reigns and assumed the leadership role, Enter Go Team Realty. Go Team Realty completed tens-of-millions of dollars worth of real estate transactions throughout the state of Texas, but more importantly, we helped thousands of people realize their dreams of home ownership during the companies three-year existance.

Uprise Real estate partners was created so that we can deliver the same great value on a much larger scale. We want to reshape and deliver a service that extends beyond the average home-buying audience. Our vision, outside of serving the community directly, is to develop strong business relationships with employers, business owners, and service providers to help empower the local community when it comes to real estate. Whether you need a commercial partner, want to bring value to your team members by providing education, resources, and valuable opportunities, or want to network and grow together, we want to help!

We work in non-traditional ways to bring you more value than you expect.