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We aren’t rookies, we know that any agent can repeat a catchy mission statement, and they often do. So what really makes us different? With any real estate professional, the goal should be similar... we want to find you the house of your dream. Unfortunately many buyers find out the hard way that some agents are prepared to go a lot further, than others, to accomplish this goal.



Many first-time home buyers avoid agents because they just aren't sure if they can afford their professional services. The truth is, on any normal transaction, our service won't cost you a thing. The Buyer's Agent usually receives his commission from the seller. In that case, we suggest you use the best agent you can find. Great agents will not only lead you through the process, they will help you negotiate the best deal, solve problems when they arise, and hold other parties accountable to deadlines and promises.



Our team has daily meetings to discuss where we are in your home buying process: What has happened and what needs to happen to find you a home, orchestrate an offer, or walk your property through closing. We discuss a plan of action and what tasks need to be completed before the day’s end. No more wondering where your Realtor® is and what they are doing to find you a home.


We desire an open communication loop with you. Expect us to frequently touch base while we are trying to locate your next home. Once we find it, at the very minimum, we will call you every Tuesday and provide you with an update regarding your transaction, provide copies of contracts and documents, important transactional details, appointments, and resources so that you always know what is going on with your transaction and what our next step will be.



The number one complaint of recent home buyers, about real estate agents, is a lack of communication. To go along with the frequent update calls, you will also receive a daily manifest, via e-mail, of any and all actions that were taken by us, on your behalf, throughout the day. Our goal is to lead you through the process, but you will have complete transparency along every step of the way.