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The truth is that it always looks simple on paper anyways. Its just comes down to the numbers right? Well if we are being honest, the numbers are the numbers, they are a fixed point. The numbers rarely change. Investors don't get in hot water because of the numbers, they get in trouble when they take numbers and mix them with emotions.

Maybe internally you want your investment property to have the bathroom that you have never had, perhaps you are too emotionally attached because this is your first property. Maybe you are in uncharted territory. Well our goal is to make it simple. We will take you by the hand, identify your goals, and walk with you through every step of the process. We want to help you get out of your way and put money in your pocket.

Make investing simple, save money and your sanity. We have years of experience in residential and commercial real estate, but our roots started in the wholesale investment market. Are you looking for off-the-market properties? Having trouble identifying homes that are worth investing in? Do you lack the connections to find the best deals?  Bring your lunch because we are going to take you to school. Find the one-on-one attention that you are looking for with Go Team Realty.



Investors that have the best returns have the end in mind from the beginning. Your exit strategy and plans for the property will determine how you need to buy it. Many investors miss out on opportunities because they use an imperfect buying strategy. In one situation you might need to focus on getting the most equity, in another, it might be more important to get something that has a low rehab cost. Investment needs to be fluid. Do you have a winning buying strategy?


Rehab is where money is made or lost. There are certain ways to estimate your rehab budget that will reduce your risk of unexpected issues. Rehabbing a rental the same way you would a flip is good way to lose hard-earned money. Hiring a general contractor? or are you going to manage the rehab yourself? There are many things to consider that will determine whether you succeed or fail when it comes to investing. Every project is unique, do you have a bomb-proof strategy?  


Investing is more than flipping houses. We help investors in many different ways: rentals, buy and hold, vacation properties, seller finance... Ultimately your strategy is what is important. Is it better to owner finance a home for 10 years than rent it out? Does that vacation rental have a higher ROI and cap rate? Should you flip that home quickly, or does that foreclosure carry a penalty within 3 months. Perhaps, you would rather flip real estate notes... Let us help you strategize by starting with your goals!