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From day one, we take care of everything. Our goal is not to list your home, but to get it sold. We start with an initial meeting. Our mission is to find out what your goals for the transaction. Is there a certain amount of money that you need to sell for? Is there a deadline approaching? Your goals will lay the foundation of our approach to selling your home. We will give you the most current information we have about the market, your neighborhood. and what you can expect throughout the process. We use proven marketing systems to get your house noticed and we stay in constant communication with you so that you know exactly where we are in the process


Most brokerages use an abundance of standard metrics to gauge, whether or not, they have done a good job. The problem with that is the concept of "standard". Maybe its the strong sense of non-tradition that is built into our culture, but our desire is to break the mold of standard. We don't want to stop until we have given you extraordinary service. The way that we accomplish that is constant process and system improvement, rigorous quality management, consistent learning, and the abandonment of the “status quo” for hopes of creating a “brag-worthy” experience for you. So, instead of being concerned about numbers and details, our most important gauge of success is:

Would you be proud to recommend us to your friends and family?


We provide you with your very own transaction coordinator. The list of things that they do, on your behalf, is long and detailed. Not only are they your liaison with the title company, the selling party, and other vendors, they are responsible for setting appointments, sending you important documents, organizing and executing your documents. Let’s just say they will be your saving grace.


Why work with one agent when you can have a team of people working for you. Marketing, sales, and admin are separate jobs in most industries, however, most real estate agents try to do them all. Unfortunately, they usually don’t do a very good job at multi-tasking. Our team operates differently, while one person is answering calls from potential buyers, someone else is marketing your home, and another is communicating with you to take ownership of your needs.


Do you need to sell your house quickly? Is your budget extremely important? Are you looking for a long term agent? We have devised several unique strategies that will allow you to be successful in almost any situation. We will work with you from our first appointment to uncover your goals and together we will pick the best listing strategy to meet your needs. 



We are confident that we are up to the task of selling your home. With most agents, as soon as you sign a listing contract, you are bound to them for the duration of the contract's term. This could be good or bad, depending on the agent. If you ever decide we are not the right fit to help you reach your goals, you can cancel your listing contract at any time with a simple call or e-mail. After all, we have no desire to simply list your home, we want to sell it.


Communication is extremely important when selling your house. We will establish an open communication loop with you. Expect us to frequently touch base while we sell your home. Once we find a buyer, at the very minimum, we will call you every Tuesday and provide you with an update regarding your transaction, provide copies of contracts and documents, important transactional details, appointments, and resources so that you always know what is going on with your transaction and you have confidence in what our next step will be.